And no MazeMaster in sight…


As anyone who knows me is aware, I have a bit of a jones for the Cyberdrome Crystal Maze project – a series of interactive attractions in larger bowling alleys in the UK (and as far afield as Japan and Dubai) (see the primer article for more details). As I’ve stated previously, the last UK Cyberdrome was located in the now abandoned Canaston Bowl in Pembrokeshire, and seeing as the space was never reclaimed a good portion of it is still standing. For those eager to see how it worked back in the day, a Playlist of Youtube videos from Zach Ishani can be found here.

As a result, when the inevitable urban explorers come into the site, most of their photographs and video come from the Crystal Maze side rather than the arcade and bowling alley, due to its visual appeal.

As these aren’t my photos, I’m reluctant to share them here but the reports from Derelict Places and 28 Days Later make fascinating reading and viewing, the latter showing off some of the PC hardware that ran the games behind the scenes, still apparently connected in place.


3 thoughts on “And no MazeMaster in sight…

  1. Oh, I love those Zach Ishani videos – and brilliantly found, given that they were unlinked and all. Thank you for finding and sharing them!


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